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Resource Description
ELPT Technology Skills Checklist /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPA21-Student-Technology-Skills-Checklist.pdf

This document provides a list of technology skills that students will need to complete the ELPT assessments.

ELPT Tool Buttons /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPT-Tool-Button-Sheet.pdf

The Tool Button Sheet was created to support students when TAs proctor the ELPT Online Tools Training. If this sheet is provided to students during the ELPT Summative assessment, it must be collected and processed according to the school’s Test Security Plan.

District Data File Layout /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ORS-District-Data-File-Layout.xlsx

This file provides a layout of the district data file downloadable in ORS. Users can download the ELPT reports in data file format to process the downloaded report files.